who am i?

my name is karen and i am a very emotional human, being. 

for those who are not into reading here's a basic summary of myself — i wrap my feelings in works of art, take my dreams very damn seriously and eat bagels around the world. oh, and i love animals more than humans, tbh. *flies away*

for those who would like to read more stuff about me, either bc u're ok with reading more than two sentences or maybe u're bored, here it goes — i'm 26 years old (someone make this im-getting-old-and-freaks-out-thing stop), i have the most amazing golden retriever in the entire universe, lily, and i love to look at usual things with unusual eyes. if you're wondering if i have the 'sad life story' + 'creative talent' combo, yes i do. channeling my feelings into art literally saved my life (sorry not sorry for all these life clichés), it was a hell of a process and almost took my life, but hey, now i've been published in several magazines, featured in countless big social media accounts, traveled, gave my first conference, worked with amazing brands such as coca-cola, adobe, starbucks and have my own fkinmazing brand, but most importantly i am happy, healthy and filling my life with awesome stories.

sometimes i feel i am more dreams than human, but i bet my ass i am going to be more stories than dreams one day. in the meantime: having my own online shop, check. 

thx for reading almost 250 words about me. i can continue writing tbh, but maybe it'll be more fun for you to check my igtv channel and watch my #wearemadeofstoriesbyk videos, you'll get to know me better.

if not, well, just buy some stuff from my shop, i would really appreciate your support towards my art and that way i can continue eating bagels without regret. oh, and launching more products, lol.