faq's karen's shop

if u're in this section it probably means you have questions about me or my brand or my stuff or whatever i am doing and selling. but let focus this section about the store's FAQs and if you have another specific question, about anything else, email me.

so, what is your email address?

anything related to my shop, products, or whatever the hell i am selling, you can email me at shop@karencantuq.com. for business, interviews or any other non-shop related stuff send me an email to hello@karencantuq.com

why some products have time names?

i am very emotional human being, and every artwork i make or product i design it is made thanks to a feeling or emotion i was going through. so the time i decide to start making that specific artwork/design (specially pin-related) i check the time and name my file, almost imediatly because u know how fucking annoying is to lose your work due to a program crashing, lol. so, this helps me remember how i was feeling at certain moments of my life and is way more easier than making up names for your products tbh. 

are your iphone cases really handmade?

yes! my hands are making these and they're very damn proud. obviously i don't make the case itself, what i do is i print, in my favourite metallic luster paper, cut, paste, and add a high gloss resin for finish and protection. for the pin + case i do hand-paint and add the finishing touches myself. all this because i hated all providers quality i checked. if you want something to be done right, gotta do it yourself right? lol. what have i put myself into? 

when is my order going to be shipped?

orders ship once a week, every saturday, you'll get a tracking email as soon as your package is on its way. i review, accept, fulfill, package and ship all your orders personally, with lots of love and excitement. i am running this store basically by myself and finishing my thesis while i am planning in moving to another country in less than 4 months. that's a lot people. thank you for your patience. *inserts heart emoji*

what shipping carrier do you use?

USPS first class postage. as you know i travel a lot, so if im out of the USA i'll ship your package through the best carrier. but no worries, you'll get your order.

so you do ship worldwide?

well right now i am only shipping to usa, mexico and canada. you know i am small tiny business so i don't have priority shipping rates yet, and doing international shipping is pretty expensive. i know, this sucks. there's always the option of using DHL or other carries, so if you're willing to pay over $35 dlls you can send me an email and i process your order. 

my order is a gift, how can i send it?

first, you're such an awesome human for sending my art as a gift! what an honor. back to your question, there's a section under your cart for specific order instructions, please let me know through there this is a gift and use the lucky person's address on the shipping info. 

i really need the package to arrive asap, what can i do?

fulfill your order and send me an email to shop@karencantuq.com and im sure i can help you with that. 

what is your refund policy?

i generally don't accept refunds except there's a case of damaged items, but since i personally select, fulfill and package your order, that will be probably unlikely. but hey! i am human. check my refund policy (footer section), there are several check points to be applicable for refund, if you do i will be happy to replace your item or refund your money. you can also send me an email to shop@karencantuq.com

omg you're out of stock! WHERE IS MY PANDA PIN?

first, that's probably not cool for you, but that's so fucking cool for me lol (just bc it means i am selling my stuff and that's exciting). now, getting back to you, no worries your panda or whatever the product you're looking for will be back on stock. mostly all of my products take around 10-15 days to manufacture, so you can sign up to my newsletter and receive an email when out of stock products are back on the store.